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  Marchadors‚Äč InMotion

    Naturally Gaited Sport Horses   

All gaited horses for sale by Marhadors InMotion & Double M Ranch are now tested for the gait gene! 

ABCCMM Registered Mangalarga Marchador Horses

ABCCMM - The Official Worldwide Registry for the Mangalarga Marchador Horse

The ABCCMM Mangalarga Marchador Brand of Quality

Look For The M Brand of a Quality Mangalarga!

Welcome to Marchadors InMotion

home of naturally gaited Mangalarga Marchador horses

Mangalarga Marchador - Marchadors InMotion Logo.

Photo on Right: Owner/Operator/Trainer, Brooke, with the horses of Marchadors InMotion. 

Mangalarga Marchador - O Cavalo do Brasil

Mangalarga Marchador - The Horse of Brazil

Note: The video above was produced in Brazil and is a marketing tool used to promote the Mangalarga Marchador. 

Note: This video above was produced in Brazil by Tucura Films and depicts how large breeding operations are run in Brazil. As you will see, the

stallions are used as the work horses and the mares are turned out to live almost entirely off the land, as herd animals, until foaling and breeding season. 

We offer:

Mangalarga Marchador Horse Riding lessons in Ocala, Florida.

Mangalarga Marchador Horses For Sale.

Mangalarga Marchador Stallions at Stud.

Mangalarga Marchador Gait Training.