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Cashatingo InMotion

Barn Name: CASH

ABCCMM Registered Name: Cashatingo InMotion

Pronunciation: 'ca sha ching go' in Portuguese

ABCCMM Registration #: pending

DOB: March 20th, 2020

Sex: Colt (gelding)

Color: Dun (rarely seen in Marchadors)

Color Test: Ee, AA, D/nd1

Sire: Traituba Zumbido

Dam: Aliane Fazenda Zouga

Gait Test: C/A (means centered)

Gait: march de centro

Cash is our youngest Marchador. He is by a gray imported stud, Traituba Zumbido, and out of our champion imported mare, Aliane Fazenda Zouga (Amora).

Cash should top out at 15 hands or taller. He is hot stuff, and he knows it. He has already shown the ability to gait, pace, and trot. He looks like he could be a five gaited horse.

When Cash was born, his coat looked like cashmere. Cashmere was shortened to Cash and his registered name became Cashatingo, pronounced "ca sha ching go" in Portuguese. He was born a rare dun in color with all the primitive markings: the tiger bars and dorsal stripe. He even has the cross over his withers. This transverse shoulder blade stripe is rarely seen in primitive markings on the horse. Some foals loose the markings once they have shed their baby coat. Cash has even retained the cross. We hope this means that he will have a blessed life.

Since there are no true National Competitions for the Marchador in North America, the closest we can come to referring to a Marchador champion in America is to refer to the ELITE Book stallions on there horse's pedigree (on their registration paper). Cash has five ELITE BOOK stallions in his dam's side as well as five ELITE BOOK stallions on his sire's side. I have high hopes for the future of this beautiful boy!

ELITE book stallions in Cash's dam's parental pedigree:

     1) Abaiba Gim

     2) Netuno AJ

     3) Herdade Cadilac

     4) Herdade Prateado

     5) Abaiba Morengo

ELITE BOOK stallions on his sire's side are:

     1) Traituba Auiso

     2) Radio Traituba

     3) Traituba Elite

     4) Pegaso Traituba AA

     5) Ara Terremoto

NOTE: These are all Elite stallions on the page of this horse. I have not included any stallions past his page.