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ABCCMM Registered & Branded Mangalarga Marchador Gelding

Ferro Coragem InMotion

Barn Name: FERRO (fair oh)

ABCCMM Registered Name: Ferro Coragem InMotion

Pronunciation: 'fair who', 'coo rha gim'

ABCCMM Registry Number: 044299

USMMA Registered Name: Ferro Coragem InMotion

USMMA Registry Number: USM00000274

DOB: June 14th, 2014

Height: 14.3 hands

Color: buttermilk buckskin

Markings: white star

Sire: Cheveyo do InMotion (Bay)

Dam: Aliane Fazenda Zouga (buckskin)

Gait: marcha batida

Ferro is by our prized, most loved, Marchador stallion, Cheveyo do InMotion, and is out of our best mare, Aliane Fazenda Zouga. Ferro is a stunning gelding who is marcha batida. He chooses to move in batida at liberty, but he can also do picada when asked under saddle. As a young foal, he chose to move in picada quite often.

When Ferro was born, he was one of the strongest foals we have had as well as the most intelligent. In Portuguese, Ferro means iron. But, we felt that because he was such a strong willed foal, that iron wasn't a strong enough representation. So, we added "coragem." Coragem means courage or heart in Portuguese. "Iron Heart" became his name as it is translated in English. He takes after his sire with regard to intelligence and curiosity, but he got his dam's beauty. He is a real head turner and has been started in Endurance riding. He was also chosen to participate in the Parade of Nations, in Ocala, for the Nations Cup in February 2018. 

Above - 6 weeks old

Above - under 24 hours old

Above - 6 weeks old

Above - 6 weeks old

Above - under 24 hours old

Below: This video was taken when Ferro was only 12 hours old. As you can see, he moved freely in picada as a baby. As a yearling, he chooses to move in a batida gait. We expect Ferro will be picada under saddle, and I expect that he will also perform batida. He is very close to the center of the gait grading scale.

Ferro is the result of a cross between stallion, Cheveyo do MManor (at left), and Aliane Fazenda Zouga (at right). Ferro has his sire's natural gait and his dam's alluring beauty. If you are interested in a cross between these two exquisite Marchadors, contact us to discuss details.